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Welcome to Cloth Nappies Central – your place for everything modern cloth nappies.  Our aim is to help make cloth nappies as easy as possible.

If you are a parent who is just starting to consider cloth or has made the decision to use cloth, but you don’t know where to start and want more information – Check out our New to Cloth section. This will help you understand the choices available and help remove confusion.

If you are based in Sydney we can now help you in person in our Bricks and Mortar Store in Sutherland!

If you want help to know what products are safe for use with your cloth nappies, how to wash them, and any trouble shooting – Check out our nappy use and care section.

Modern cloth nappies are a growing trend in Australia as we become more conscience of our spending and our environmental footprint. Many parents are choosing cloth nappies to save money, others are focused on reducing landfill and providing a natural nappy alternative for their child. Regardless of your reasons for choosing or considering cloth nappies it is important to find the best nappy for you.

This website has been designed to guide you through from start to finish. We will help you understand the different kinds of cloth nappies, how to care for them and where to buy them. Cloth nappies need not be confusing. A little help from Cloth Nappies Central and you will be set to start your journey towards a healthier future for your family and our community.

This site has been written by Australian cloth nappy brands Baby Bare Cloth Nappies & Pikapu. We have used our own experience, the experiences of our customers and our insight into the Australian cloth nappy market to bring you the most relevant and reliable information.