Cloth Nappy use at night

Many parents have a lot of trouble getting cloth nappies to work for them at night. It is a matter of finding a nappy that can fully hold your child’s out put. Here are some simple rules for cloth nappying at night:

1. Boost, Boost Boost. Try and get as many absorbent layers into your child’s nappy as possible. Since they won’t be walking or crawling around, you can get away with a bit more bulk. The more absorbency in the nappy, the longer it will last. Look at using your day nappies with more absorbency. A trifold or other suitable booster could solve your night worries.

3. Change your child right before you put them down and as soon as they wake. This will give you the best opportunity to limit what the nappy needs to catch.

4. If you are having trouble with finding a nappy to cope overnight, consider an extra cover. A wool or fleece cover will help absorb some of the excess moisture/ or repell it back into the nappy and stop it from transferring through your child’s clothing (and bedding). Make sure you find a good lanolising product like CJ’s Butter wool wash which will leave your woolens waterproof and smelling fabulous.

I have found many parents keep buying different night nappies, trying to find a solution. The facts are, it isn’t about the nappy fit, its about the layers in it. You need to do the maths, if your child has 400ml of liquid to expel, you need enough fabric to absorb all of it. Look at what a nappy is offering. What is it offering thats different to what you’ve already tried that has failed.

If you’ve bought 5 night specific nappies, your chances of suddenly finding something that won’t leak for you are slim. Try customising what you have and considering the rules above (changing at every night feed, right before bed and as they wake). Add an extra insert (or two!) or booster into the nappy. If you have a good nappy, you should be able to boost it to get it to hold what you need. Afterall, night nappies are just nappies with more absorbency.

Keep boosting until you get to a point of success. Add a cover for security.

Some great ideas for overnight absorbency:

1. Use a trifold booster or another type of booster from your usual stash, and lay it into a nappy, or place in a pocket. Try and succeed with the nappies you have before spending more on specific night nappies. After all, night nappies are really just nappies designed to have extra layers of absorbency to last the night.

2. Buy a specific night insert for you day nappies. These are designed to hold plenty of fluids, despite their extra bulk. Many babies can get away with extra boosting on a day nappy once they are sleeping through the night. Consider night nappies if you are unable to achieve success with whats already in your stash.

3. Buy a specific night nappy. There are plenty on the market. You could even trial a night pack from a nappy library to save on buying several nappies just to see what they look like and how they work.

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