Dealing with smelly nappies

Cloth nappies these days have come a long way. We all know they don’t need bleaching or soaking. That we can dry pail and wash them quite easily.

However, some nappy users have taken this to the extreme. I have heard of parents recommending to use no detergent in nappies. To just use water and sunlight.

The facts are, soap of some sort is necessary to clean your nappies. It is what drags the germs, urine, poo and all the other bits out of your nappies. Think about your clothes. Have you ever washed them with marks on them and no soap, or tried to sponge off a mark? It doesn’t work because you need to assistance of soaps to help remove the materials making up the stain.

Cloth nappies are the same. They do need soap and plenty of water to really give them a good clean. Make sure you use enough detergent in a load to get those nappies clean. If they start to smell, I recommend washing them with more detergent than previously. Some recommend doing the opposite, washing with less detergents. I believe, the main reasons nappies start to smell is because they have a build up of something in them, and generally, a good soap up  in 40 degree water will do a massive favour to your smelly nappies. If they continue to smell, strip wash them. Give them a good soak in some dishwashing liquid overnight, then wash on forty degrees in the morning. Hang in the sun to dry.

Some people complain that their nappies smell once their child has weed in them. If this is your situation, be prepared to accept it may be your child’s wee that smells. Even if it didn’t smell before, changes in diet, their age, teething, infections etc can change the chemistry of their wee and its odour. But, you can try giving them a really good wash as outlined above with more soap and a bit of warm-hot water (not more then 60 degrees).

So, the secrets to keeping your nappies smell free, is to keep them clean. This means using detergents and plenty of water to wash ensure they are thoroughly washed and rinsed.

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