Drying your nappies in the winter

Drying cloth nappies in the winter can be a difficult task. Especially in the Southern Australian states where it is cold, wet and the sunshine is rare.

We have a few tips to help you get your nappies dry and cope through the winter months:

1. Try using microfibre inserts in your nappies. These dry much faster than natural fibres so are a good alternative in the winter months.

2. Use a clothes horse. You can hang your nappies out the night before, pop them out for any sunshine you can find through the day and bring them inside at night. On bringing inside try and find a nice spot next to a heater or heating vent.

3. Try to utilise any heat you have in the house. As a last resort use the dryer – just to get the last of the moisture out of the nappies.

4. Choose nappies that you can alter the absorbency in. A pocket or all in two design is ideal if you live somewhere, where its hard to get a lot of sunlight through the year. You can then rotate between inserts and make more use of the outer covers. For example, if it takes a couple of days for the inserts to dry. You may be able to use your cloth nappy covers with a second set of inserts. So you can purchase more inserts and less covers. You can also use microfibre through the winter to supplement your stash. It is generally cheaper to purchase too.