Finding the right cloth nappy

Finding a suitable nappy for your child can be an expensive and exhausting process.

Whether the issue is a good fit, a nappy that won’t leak, a nappy that dries fast enough or is easy to assemble, it can take time to find your perfect match.

You are in luck however as the market has so many different options, hopefully offering something perfect for you. Whilst this can be confusing, the best way to tackle it is to understand what the different options are. Check out our information on nappy types here.

We recommend trying a nappy library where you can view a number of different brands and styles. If that isn’t for you, try buying a couple of trial packs or single nappies to see how a nappy fits your child and suits your routine.

A trial pack should offer you the ability to trial a full nappy system. You want to see how a nappy performs (as is and with a booster) to see how absorbent it is, how it fits your child and how you feel about using it.

We also recommend you try looking a nappy reviews online. Product Review has some good reviews.

Be careful choosing on price alone. We have seen the rise of many brands of nappies that are called the china cheapy or a ‘CC’. These nappies have flooded the market and make choosing nappies very confusing. When buying nappies make sure:

1. The nappy comes with sufficient absorbency. Avoid nappies that come with one microfibre booster. It may work wonderfully when the baby is a newborn being constantly changed. But very soon it won’t hold up to even one wee.

2. If the nappy looks the same as nappies you can buy for $3 on ebay – AVOID. If you want to buy or try that style of nappy buy direct from China. So many businesses have started by buying the same items from China, putting a new brand on them and inflating the price. As a result, so many disappointed parents come to us looking for help with their purchase.

3. Ask about warranty. If a nappy is worth the money you are paying for it, the brand will have confidence enough in it to offer a warranty. Look for at least 6 months warranty. Whilst it is unlikely things will go wrong with good quality nappies, you want to know the maker believes they will last. It is so upsetting to see parents buy nappies that fall apart after a month or two.