First Use Preparation

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All nappies coming into your home for the first time need to be prepared for use. See below for the most effective way.

My Nappies are brand new:

Most suppliers will tell you to wash them several times before use. This is to remove any of the materials in maunfacturing that coat the fabrics and block their absorbent fibres. It also helps break open some of the fibres in the nappies to help them be more absorbent.

The easiest way to prep nappies for use is to throw them in a bucket of warm water overnight. Then wash with a small bit of detergent. Then do an extra rinse. Dry your nappies and they are ready to use.

You should find this gets your nappies going on their journey quite well. You may still find their absorbency continues to pick up with continued use.

It is not necessary to soak covers/shells if they do not have any absorbency built in. Ensure you throw them in to be washed with the boosters & inserts.

My nappies are second hand

Our recommendation is to do a strip wash on nappies that have been used on another child. This is to get them squeeky clean and remove any build up of detergent, urine and other nasties from their previous owner (or occupant).

Find out how to strip wash your nappies here.