Getting your nappies to be soft

Since fabric softener is advised against for cloth nappies, many parents find it difficult to keep their nappies nice and soft.

In general, line dried items go a bit hard and stiff. They dry completely straight, so all the fibres dry stuck together, causing your nappies or cloths to be stiff.

Items dried in the drier are usually fluffier. This is because they are tossed around and the fibres in them dry being moved about, this leads to an overall softer item.

There are a couple of ways to soften up your hard nappies.

1. Toss them in the dryer on a cool setting for about ten minutes after line drying. This will fluff them up a bit.

2. If you do not have a dryer, or would prefer not to use it, scrunch your nappies up in your hands. This will loosen up the fibres in them and make them softer. Roll them up a few times and you will notice them softening up.