Great detergents to use with your nappies

The fact is you can use anything to wash your nappies. It is a question of how effective it will be.

Detergent choice is a very debated issue. Many recommend environmental detergents, where as others tout the need to use a strong commercial detergent due to the heavily soiled nature of nappies. We recommend making a decision for yourself based on your needs.

Many get good results using eco detergents. Others find their nappies smell, disintegrate or discolour.

The use of Omo, Radiant and other mainstream commercial detergents is becoming more popular. If you would like to use these detergents, you should check it will not void a warranty. As a manufacture (Baby Bare) we recommend using a stronger detergent with enzymes and strong cleaning ability as we have found they tend to clean better, and give the nappies a longer life.
Ensuring a good wash routine is very important. Find a detergent that has your nappies looking visibly clean, no smells, and no deterioration.


Remember: No fabric softeners, napisans or soap flakes (find out why here).

A warning on home made detergent: There are a few recipes and recommendations for home made washing detergents and fake versions of some listed above. I have seen these destroy peoples nappies. Detergents are made from chemicals (even if marketed as natural – chemicals do appear in nature) and mixing up chemicals and putting them on your clothes is not recommended. Your child may have a reaction, your nappies may be destroyed. Even if you cannot immediately see damage being done, one day the life of your nappies may come to an abrupt end.  Most of these detergents are very affordable (and they work well), so don’t risk it!