Dealing with stained nappies

Because stain removers are a big no no, many cloth nappy users become concerned about how to get rid of stains on their nappies. The truth is, the secret to stains is sunlight.

You will be surprised at how well the sun removes stains from nappies. The sun acts like a natural bleach and fades stains right out.

Simply hang your nappies out to dry with the stains facing the sky. Make sure your nappies are in direct sunlight. Give them a good day of full sunlight (if the heat is intense you may want to limit the time in the sun to avoid over drying and over heating which may deteriorate your nappies).

If stains persist, repeat the process.

If your stains are particularly tough to remove, it is important to realise that they are only a cosmetic thing and will not affect the function of your nappies.

You could also consider using some sunlight soap and a very thorough rinse to remove tougher stains.

Remember, try to avoid stains by washing frequently. If you have a particularly messy nappy, rinse it before pailing it. 

If you’d like more information on getting rid of & preventing stains, see our guest article from Tennille at Apikali, Giving Stains the Flick.