The Sun and Your Nappies

The Sun is a brilliant thing for any cloth nappying addict. It is a free dryer, germ killer and stain remover in one.

The Sun’s UV rays are a brilliant mechanism to kill any lingering germs in your nappies and to remove stains. Any nappy site will tell you that your first stop in eliminating a stain is to sun your nappies, sun up for a period of time until your stains have faded.

However, we live in a country where the summer heat and sunlight can basically bake our nappies. Nappies need to be thoroughly dry before the next use, but they should never bake in the hot sun. Just look at some of your outdoor items to see the power of the sun over time. Your nappies will deteriorate if left in the sun and heat for too long. The elastics will become brittle and the waterproofing may be effected from lengthy exposure and over drying.

The message is – there is a balance. Especially in summer, be careful to bring your nappies inside once dry and avoid long periods of intense sunlight. Try and grab the morning sun, and use the shade in the heat of the day.