So you’re new to cloth nappies…

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Welcome to the world of cloth nappies.

Many find getting started using cloth nappies to be difficult. Too many choices, acronyms and outright confusion!

We are here to help!

We recommend you visit our list of helpful questions to allow you to consider what sort of nappy you need!

Once you’ve managed to consider what you need from a nappy consider these options to find the right one:

1. Buy a trial pack or one nappy from a brand or two you think would suit you and your child. There are many options for cloth nappy trials from buying a pack of many different brands, to buying within one brand and trying their different cloth nappy styles.

2. Look for reviews of different brands. These may help you determine whether a nappy will suit you, whether it is worth its price tag and gather tips from other parents.

Common questions:

How many nappies do I need

Should I buy newborn sized nappies

How much do nappies cost?

It is important to remember that the same nappy will not suit every child. Just because another parent says a nappy was the best ever nappy for them, does not mean you will find it the same. Just like adults, our babies will fit clothing differently. They have different shapes, suiting different nappies.