Leaking Nappies

So your nappies are leaking. It is the most frustrating nappy problem. And, for those in the position to try and solve it (especially without seeing what you’re doing, or feeling your nappies) it’s even more complicated.

Let’s run through a few scenarios

Your Nappies don’t fit properly

Gapes in the legs or waist may see wee run straight out and onto clothing. You ned to make sure you have a good seal around the legs and waist.

Some nappies do not suit all children. This can be because of fit or absorbency. Many parents buy cheaper nappies that come with insufficient absorbency and they simply leak because one small absorbent pad is never going to hold up to much. So consider if the nappy has enough absorbency.

Your Nappies are too full.

The best way to tell if a nappy is overfull is to feel how heavy a nappy is when you take it off. If it has a lot of weight, its overfull. Try boosting or changing more often.

Nappies should be changed regularly, anywhere from every 2-4 hours.

Depending on the nappy design and your child, you may need more layers of absorbency in the nappy. Try popping in a good sized booster, and see how you fare.

If your nappies use microfibre you may find they suffer compression leaks. Microfibre can grab wee very well, but when over full, leaks when under pressure. So consider trying to add a bamboo booster which will help to balance it out.

Your child is a quick wetter

Fabrics can only absorb so much at once. If your child floods their nappy all in one great gush, the excess of what cannot be soaked up immediatly may travel across the fabrics and leak out. Try finding a nappy with a top layer of mirofibre (ensure there is microfleece or microsuede between it and your child’s skin). Microfibre is very fast to absorb so it will help soaking up all that wee very quickly.

Your nappies have a build up of detergent or other nasties

Your nappies may need a good deep clean to remove anything building up in the nappies and stopping them from absorbing well. Do a strip wash. Moving forward try washing with a little more detergent and warm water. A strip wash should only be neccessary if you think your washing routine has not been effective. It is not necessary to strip nappies regularly.

You may live in an area where the water supply is considered ‘hard’. This means the water has a few more elements in it that can build up in your nappies over time. If you know this is you, try and do a strip wash, try using a different detergent which may be more effective with your water supply.