Let’s Go Shopping

What to consider before you buy your nappies


An important consideration, especially given many do cloth to save money. Choose a budget and look at options in that range. Many brands offer packs or discounts for bulk buys.
It is also important to realise that price can reflect value. Many of the $10 nappies on the market will require you to spend more money to buy adequate absorbency so the nappy does not leak.
Many of the more expensive nappies get terrible reviews. Price may not reflect the overall value of a product.


Choose the style that suits you the most. If budget is important, consider flats or an AI2 option with extra inserts (to reuse covers).

If fast drying is important consider a microfibre nappy, or one specifically designed to be quick dry like the Pikapu nappy.

If you want the easiest option, look at an AIO (all in one) nappy which requires no assembly. Just wash, dry and reuse.

Customer Service

Given the level of support many new to cloth require to gain confidence in washing and using them, choosing a brand with excellent service is extremely important. Consider warranty, availability of information and reviews on the customer service.


Common Questions when purchasing

How many should I buy?

Generally, 25-30. A larger collection will see them overall last longer (given each nappy has about 250 washes). The more you buy, the easier you will find it to wash them (less pressure to wash every day).

Do I need night nappies?

You can buy a night booster which will allow you to use your same nappies overnight. We recommend waiting to see if this works for you before investing in night nappies (which can be expensive).