My Elastics in my nappies are ruined.

Whilst frustrating, the first consideration to the cause of this problem is the age of your nappies.

It s very important to realise that nappies have a lifetime. At some point they will start to show signs of their age. We are talking about an item of clothing that has been peed and pooped in, soaked in urine for days, washed possibly hundreds of time and spent hundreds if not thousands of hours sitting in the sun etc.

Nappies can be made with the absolute best materials and all the love and care in the world, but at some point they will start to show signs of wear.

Now we have got our expectations in check, lets consider some of the reasons your nappy elastics will start to deteriorate (besides simple age and constant use):

1. Exposure to the chemicals such as acid (found in vinegar) or bleach. These will eat at both the fabrics and the elastics. Extended exposure or use will see your nappies deteriorate.

2. Extended time in the sun. The sun is wonderful, but it also can do a lot of damage. Have you ever left something outside for a couple of weeks in the hot summer sun? Wood will crack and deteriorate, plastic will fade and thin and paint will peel. Now think about your nappies spending hours and hours in the hot summer sun. You need to balance the amount of sun they get especially in the hot summer. Do not allow them to over dry and hang too much past the point of being dry.

3. Leaving Nappies sitting in the nappy pail too long. Wee is a strong thing, it will start to eat at the nappies. It is important to wash your nappies frequently to avoid them soaking in uring for too long. I know from personal experience of having nappies come home in a plastic bag from the grandparents, sitting around a week before I realised they were there. Those nappies show the battle scars, the elastics are droopy and not nice and taught like the rest of my stash.

4. Hot Water. Hot water will detroy your nappies. Its that simple. Avoid washing them on hot. Avoid doing ‘baby’ cycles on your washing machine that are designed to sanitise by basically boiling the clothing. Keep the maximum water temperature at 60 degrees.

5. The Dryer. Once again, the hot dryer will deteriorate you nappies. If someone accidently put them through the dryer once, they will probably be fine (no guarantee). But aim to avoid the dryer and if needed, dry on a cool-warm setting.

6. Hanging your nappies out to dry should be done with care. It is recommended that you hang your nappies on the line with the elastics parallel to the ground. This avoids having the weight of the nappy pulling on the nappies. Nappies will weigh more wet and put extra weight and pull on the elastics, so you may want to consider this method to extend the life of your nappies.

Hopefully, your nappies will last you a very long time. Proper care should help this occur, but elastics can go for reasons beyond your control. You can have elastics replaced or attempt to do it yourself. Otherwise, reassure yourself that you have gotten plenty of use out of your nappies and it’s time to move on.