My nappy inserts are thinning or shredding

This is every cloth nappy users nightmare. Your inserts have shredded and you can see that beyond the shredding, the fabric is deteriorated. What could possibly have caused this issue?

The fact of the matter is that wee is acidic. Your child’s urine has most likely eaten through your nappies. We mostly see this problem in bamboo fabrics which, as wonderful as they are, are much more delicate and less robust then cotton. An issue like this is basically unheard of in micro fibre which is a man made material and is not susceptible to the damage wee can do.

Although it can’t be certain, it is believed that some babies have more ‘toxic’ wee than others. This causes their nappies to break down, sometimes very quickly. Alternatively, if nappies are left for too long before they are washed, the fabrics will also suffer damage.

Some signs of very acidic wee appear to be a greater susceptibility to nappy rash and highly smelly nappies. If you think your child’s urine is very strong you might consider rinsing your inserts soon after changing your child. Or at the very least ensuring you wash very regularly.

Regardless of if your child has acidic wee, you need to ensure that you wash your nappies soon after use. Leaving them for many days will give any chemicals in them, time to eat away at your fabrics. So make sure you wash regularly to preserve the longevity of your nappies.