Newborn Nappies

There are several different options for using cloth nappies on your newborn.

  • Buy small/newborn sized nappies
  • Use prefolds with covers (you can reuse the covers but change the absorbent prefold)
  • Use a OSFM nappy

The choice is really a personal one. You should consider how large your baby might be. Our first daughter weighed in at 4.31kg and was a perfect fit into a OSFM nappy. Our second daughter at around 3.5kg was on the small size for most OSFM, but did fit some. Other babies in the 2-3.5kg range will really be too small for a OSFM nappy.

So lets have a look at what you should consider:

1. Newborn sized nappies

Buying a full stash of newborn nappies that may only last 6 weeks is going to be an expensive exercise. Even worse, if you have a daughter like our first one, they may basically never use those nappies – you could have gotten away with going straight to buying your long term set of nappies.  So consider the fact that you may have a beautiful stash of nappies that barely get touched.

Here are some ideas for brands of newborn nappies

Pikapu – Issy Bear – Grovia – Baby Beehinds Small – Bubblebubs Bam Bams – Tots Bots – Rumparooz – Blueberry – Kissaluvs -Happy Heinys – Swaddle bees – Bum Cheeks – Motherease

2. Prefolds

You could consider using prefolds, which can then double in the future as boosters, to be used as your child grows. The covers will be outgrown, but you don’t need that many covers as you can reuse them without washing. This is usually advised as the cheapest way to use cloth on a newborn baby.

Sweet Pea – Real Nappies – Bummis

3. One Size Fits Most

You could buy some OSFM nappies that will then go on to be used until your child toilet trains. Many parents mange to get these to work from the very beginning. It will depend on the size of the nappy. A trimmer type of OSFM will work best as it will adjust to be a better fit. Lower rise nappies are good in this regard, but come with the consideration that they will be quite low rise by the time your child toilet trains. Some parents really love this, others like the nappy to have  higher rise.