Where can I find nappy reviews

There are plenty of places online that record opinions and reviews of nappies. I do however like to warn people about reviews. Nappies are a hard thing to judge by someones review. I have known reviewers to make statements that are just plain incorrect – generally because they are misusing the nappies. For example, stating they constantly leak when they have not assembled them correctly or they are too loose on their child.

Reviews are a good way to get a general idea about a nappy. A few people telling you a nappy falls apart after the first wash is probably a good indication. In general, try and get the message the majority of people are giving – then decide for yourself.

I have known businesses to review their own products glowingly. If you find a nappy with only one glowing review, consider how reliable it might be.

Great places for Reviews:

Apikali – Apikali has reviews of all their products on their website. So whether you want to read about experiences from other parents, or leave your own feedback, this is a great resource. Apikali retails the largest number of nappy brands in the country, so you can get a comprehensive listing on their site!


The Nappy Spot – This is a web page dedicated to giving thorough reviews on nappies. The reviewer uses the nappy for a period of time and then discusses how they found the nappy to work for them.


Cloth Nappy Reviews – This page is a database of reviews that individuals use to record their thoughts on different nappies.


Product Review – A general reviews site, but it houses many reviews on cloth nappy products.